Do You Know Your Christian Calling?


By Rodney W. Francis

We are living in very challenging times, and every Christian needs to know the purposes for that which God has saved and called us to do. Knowing the will of God for our life ~ and doing it ~ has to be the most fulfilling and satisfying way of living for anyone! There is a peace and inner-knowing that passes understanding, and causes us to rejoice in the goodness of God toward us. It is so wonderful to know that God has personally chosen us to fulfil something that no other person can fulfil. I am so grateful to God that I have known His calling for my life from my very first year of being a Holy Spirit-filled Christian over 53 years ago. He said to me, “If you will get to know My voice, and will do that which I ask you, there is nowhere in this world where you and I cannot go together, and we not be successful.” What He spoke to me back then has stood me in good stead for all the years I have served Jesus Christ (I already knew He had called me for the ministry prior to that word).

It is interesting to note that God often has seasons in our life; places where we serve in a certain capacity in the purposes of God, and then He moves us on. For example, when I first started in Christian Ministry my heart was to be a missionary/evangelist. I avoided pastoring as much as I could, because I saw the way people often treated them. Then I found myself pastoring a church. There was so much that I needed to learn in pastoring that has prepared me for what we are doing today. Jean and I pastored for 26 years, and loved it and the people. Through God’s dealings in my own personal life things were “broken” and changed so that the churches we pastored would grow. I also had the privilege of starting several other churches; some still going well today.


Then in 1995 God began to speak to me with regards the Prophetic Ministry. He asked me to conduct Prophetic Equipping Schools (or International Training Schools as they were known in those days). We launched them in 1996 and, since then, have seen thousands of people impacted through these Schools around the world. I remained pastoring until 1999 when God brought us to the end of ourselves, and put us into a situation where we needed to make a major decision. The way God was calling us meant we would have to step out of pastoring and leave behind the security of a salary. But we knew God had spoken and so we made the decision to step out into full-time faith ministry, trusting God for our own support, as well as for the whole of The GFM Ministry. We haven’t looked back! From the moment that we crossed “the line of no return” (at that time The GFM was going into 55 nations) something was broken in my spirit and we have walked in a new dimension of God ever since. That was at the beginning of the year 2000. In the past 14 plus years we have seen God grow The GFM Ministry in ways we could not have imagined, and provide for us hundreds of thousands of dollars in ways that truly amaze us. We have thousands of students going through free Bible Correspondence Courses with us, postage, printing thousands of books, office and travel expenses, etc. for a Ministry that is reaching thousands in at least 110 nations (with many more nations looking at our Website). Our testimony is that every month every bill is paid!

How is this so? Quite simply, we know we heard the voice of God with regards our calling, and we are seeking to fulfil it. Our faith is simple enough to believe that God is committed to meeting the needs of all that He calls us to do. In a day when money has become a huge “problem” in Christian Ministries, we Christians need to know afresh that when we do what God asks of us, then He will supply (Philippians 4:19)! God is longing to be GOD to the Christians!

Recently, a good friend of mine, John Fergusson, made this statement: “We need to do what Jesus did and stop doing what Jesus did not do.” With regards money matters, we need to know that God is not obliged to provide for that which He has not asked us to do! Therefore this matter of knowing what our Christian Calling in God is becomes all the more important. If we are trying to fulfil God’s purposes based on worldly business principles, then we are going to have to rely on other people to supply our financial needs. For us, we are so glad that we “operate” the way we do, for it glorifies God and proves His promises are “yes” and “Amen” to those who will dare to believe them. It is interesting that I am so much more secure in living the way we do by faith, than I was when I had the “security” of a salary while pastoring. What I am saying here does not mean that pastoring with a salary is wrong. All I am saying is that for me, God has called us to live by faith so he can demonstrate to us that he is indeed God and is able to meet our every need. Not once have we had to cancel an overseas ministry trip because the money did not come in. It is just so wonderful to see and know that God is true to His word. What He promised us if we would step out in faith, He has backed-up again and again with His provision to us. Likewise, you have to know what God has called you to do and where He would have you do that. And I have to know the will of God for me.


Every born-again, Holy Spirit-filled Christian has a calling in God. It is our challenge and responsibility before God to discover that calling, and walk and live in it (Acts 22:12-15; Ephesians 1; Colossians 1:9-12). When we do that we find our lives and ministries become far more fruitful than anything we can accomplish in our own efforts and strength. Over the years I have been privileged to receive many prophetic words over my life that have confirmed the calling and direction of God in my life. When someone tells you what God has already spoken to you (and you know that person does not know you), it is all very encouraging and confirming. Today I am living in the fulfilment of many of those prophecies! And we are continually receiving reports of people who have received prophetic words through us and are today walking in the calling of God for their lives. They are so grateful to God (and us) for being a part of God’s purposes in their lives.

Right now the wold’s conditions are such that every Christian needs to be “letting their light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven” (Matthew 5:13-16). Know today that only Christians carry the revelation of the truth of Jesus Christ that sets men, women, boys and girls free of the bondages of sin. You are so important to the purposes of God. You have a destiny which no one else can fulfil! Rise to that purpose now!

If you, dear Christian, do not yet know God’s purpose and calling on your life, let me encourage you to seek Him especially over this matter ~ and also seek out some reliable prophetic ministry who can also “speak” into your life through the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Remember that God has given us the benefits of prophecy right through the Scriptures, and prophecy is simply a “now, present tense word from the heart of Jesus to you by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit speaking through a Holy Spirit-filled believer.” There are so many benefits to having access to prophetic ministry when it comes to the call of God in our lives. No Christian can afford to go through life ignorant of the purposes of God for his/her life. Know today what God saved and called you for, and you will enter into the most fulfilling days of your life. Jesus has only the very best in mind for you! God bless you!

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"The Gospel Faith Messenger" Ministry.  New Zealand.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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