Do We Not Care?

Do We Not Care?

By Rodney W. Francis

This message comes from a burden of concern that somehow we Christians are not as effective as we should be in the proclaiming of the Gospel and the fulfilling of the Great Commission (Mark 16:15-20). One does not need to listen very long to any news bulletin these days to discover that false religions are increasing their numbers and influence upon the societies in which they live. Should that not be said for the Christians? We say we believe that Jesus Christ is the only Saviour of mankind from the power of sin, death and eternal destruction. But does that message carry through to a conviction of our actually doing something about the fulfilling of our responsibility that has been given to us by Jesus Christ Himself?

If we do care about the world situation and the desperate need for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be spread into all the world, then the question we must all ask ourselves is: “What am I personally doing to fulfil the Great Commission? What am I personally doing to see that the Message goes forth to as many as possible?”

What should the Christian’s priorities in life be? Should they not be that which is closest to the heart of God? If we cannot be involved personally in the spreading of the Gospel, then we should be actively involved in praying for those who are, and investing our finances into enabling it to happen. Some of those priorities should be to help get Bibles and anointed Christian literature into the hands of the masses. Why do I say this? Because we are living in a day when the doors of opportunities into nations can close very quickly ~ we are in the end-times! My conviction is that Gospel literature is still one of the most powerful and enduring ways to get the Gospel into the nations. When doors close, radio, TV and the Internet can be controlled by Governmental authorities. But if we already have the printed word in those nations ~ before the doors close ~ then we are giving the Christians and people of those nations priceless treasures to help them. We must live with foresight enough to see that what we do now is going to be a huge investment into peoples’ lives in the troublesome days ahead. This is my passion with The GFM Ministry, and why we seek to get our books into other languages. We are sowing for a great harvest, as well as giving the people teaching materials in the times ahead. It all takes much time and money ~ but we are commanded to take the Gospel into every nation. There is no better time than NOW! And there is no greater urgency for this than NOW! Do we not care? What will we do that we are not already doing in order to please God?


Literature remains to minister again and again until it is destroyed. We receive reports of our literature impacting lives over 20 years after we send it out! There are scores of testimonies on the Holy Spirit using literature to speak to hearts and change lives! Let me share just two from Africa, as well as one from the Fiji Islands: 1. “A man was so depressed that he took a knife and went to the river to commit suicide. By the river he saw a piece of paper stuck in a bush. He picked it out. It was my Gospel tract, “Make Contact With Jesus!” He read it, began to cry and repented right there at the place he was going to destroy himself. Jesus came into his heart. He wrote and told us. 2. The second one is of a young man who started answering our Bible Correspondence Courses. He received a Gospel tract (“Do You Care?”); did not read it, but put it under his pillow as a “good luck charm” to ward off evil spirits, as his father was a witch doctor and did incantations during the night hours ~ which made the son very fearful. On one such night of fear he pulled the tract from under his pillow, read it, and gave his heart to Jesus! Then, when the young man was given an opportunity to send us a new name and address for the Bible Lessons, he wrote his father’s name down. We sent him the Bible Courses, which he started to answer. A little while later the father came under conviction of sin, repented and also found Jesus as his personal Saviour and Lord. A whole family was saved and great changes took place as a result. 3. In Fiji Islands a young man was very desirous of wanting to answer a Bible Correspondence Course. Everyone he asked was unable to help him. This went on for some time, but the desire for such did not go away. One day, while walking down a street in the capital, Suva, a piece of paper blew along the street and wrapped itself around the young man’s leg.  He took the paper and, to his surprise, it was one of our Bible Correspondence Course Lessons ~ the very thing he desired! He took it home, answered the questions and sent them to us with that wonderful testimony. Can you not see the hand of God in these three testimonies?

  • Anointed literature has no bad days!!  

If I had not bothered to take the time, effort and expense to produce the literature, then none of those testimonies would have happened like they did. I care about the lost souls of men, women, boys and girls around the world. I desire to see them saved, delivered and set free to the glory of Jesus Christ! I do not want to stand before my Lord empty-handed because I did not care enough to get involved in the spreading of the Gospel into all the world!

  • So what are you doing about the Great Commission?

  • What personal involvement do you have in reaching the lost?

  • How much time do you devote to making a positive difference in this world?

  • Are you using your finances to the best possible means of impacting our generation?

Pouring money into lavish church programmes, church buildings, etc., is no longer a good investment. It is time to see the bigger picture! And to see that we are also running out of time. Let us, together, release our time and resources into getting the Message of the Risen Lord Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit out to the people so they can be saved from a Christless eternity!

 Right now The GFM Ministry is involved in the translating and printing of books in different languages. Right now thousands of Bible Correspondence Course students are working their way through our free Courses. It is all very costly, but it is worth it! Why not join us today in helping to fulfil the Great Commission of taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ into every nation? You will be eternally grateful that you did!

"The Gospel Faith Messenger" Ministry., New Zealand.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


"The Gospel Faith Messenger" Ministry.  New Zealand.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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