For many years it has been our privilege to be involved in the encouraging and mentoring of a large number of Pastors, Leaders and Christian friends through the avenues of personal letters and E-Mail. Many Christian leaders feel very much “alone” in their ministries, so we become a “bridge of encouragement” to them. In virtually every letter there is sent tracts, encouragement and teaching materials - some times booklets, books and/or manuals - to help people in much more needy countries than ours to minister more effectively to their people. Many of Rodney's books are sent freely around the world to help and encourage others. Only eternity will reveal the impact of what has been accomplished via this means of communication.


Quite a unique prophetic ministry started in 2000 as a result of others (internationally) seeking our prayers and prophetic words for their churches, ministries, personal lives, etc. Our Equipping Station Teams in Paraparaumu, Hamilton, Rotorua, Napier, and Ashburton  New Zealand, are involved in ministering prophetically on to a recorded device (or possibly other means if requested) and then they are posted or E-Mailed out to those who have written in seeking such ministry. (There is a limit to how many of these requests we can fulfil.) Accountability has been built in to this, and to date we are so encouraged by the results. This has caused us to learn to trust the voice of the Lord, as often we have no knowledge of the situations we are asked to “speak” into. God is no respecter of persons, or of distance.  


In January, 2000, a monthly Prayer Support Letter was launched to keep the friends of The GFM Ministry informed of prayer needs, coming events, reports, testimonies, and answers to prayer. Most of them are sent out by E-Mail, but some are also posted each month (to New Zealand and South Pacific nations only). We have felt the prayer support of friends around the world. Currently it is sent to over 120 countries. Many responses tell us of the appreciation of receiving such information to help people pray specifically for us, and the Ministry.  


A new department of The GFM Ministry commenced in January, 2001. This entails the sending out of a monthly encouragement letter called Barnabas Bulletin to Christians who are in need of “being built up,” and knowing that there are those who are “for them” in their (often difficult) circumstances. Many Christian workers are discouraged today, because of the breakdown of relationships with missions and church leaders, family problems, personal battles, etc. People need to know we care for them, and the “BB” seeks to fulfil an important need. Judging by the responses, it is definitely meeting a lot of needs. We do not know how many each month receive this “BB” as so many tell us that they forward them on to their friends. Currently we send them out to people in over 120 different nations. (If you wish to receive the Prayer Support Letter and Barnabas Bulletin by E-Mail, please send us your name, address, country and E-Mail address clearly written. Thank you.)  


Our most recent ministry avenue (commenced 2003) is that of sending out over the E-Mail preaching/teaching messages to help encourage the growing numbers of Leaders in many nations of the world. This is a tremendous way of helping to equip people so they can in turn use these messages to help and inspire others as well. These messages are sent out from time to time into over 120 nations, and go out to those who are on our Prayer Support Letter and Barnabas Bulletin mailing list. Very positive feedback is being received to date. Check them out on our Website or E-Mail us for a sample copy.  


Our Website at is becoming a major part of our Ministry as we are able to minister to many thousands of people around the world, providing them access to a range of teaching materials, a monthly Prayer Support Letter, Barnabas Bulletin and Faith Messages, information on The GFM, etc. Currently more than 1,000 visitors look at our Website daily. Jean Francis is the Webmaster.