Where Are You Heading?


By Rodney W. Francis

Can you give an honest answer to this question? You know your life is headed somewhere. You don't really believe you will just "snuff-out" when you die?! How can you? You were created for an eternal destiny by an Eternal God Who cares for YOU. So make very sure you know where you are heading.

Did you know that after death comes judgment? God's Word declares it to be so — and He has the last say! You can listen to the wisdom of learned men, believe all sorts of things contrary to the teachings of God's Word like "death is the finish," or "there's no heaven and hell"; but it will do you no good. No, not a bit! God knows better than we; and He has said after you and I die we will be judged (Hebrews 9:27). This is the truth.

God requires an account of us - of the life we have lived, and the life we are living.  Nothing is hidden from Him. He knows YOU. Your life is fully exposed before Him.

Why not open your heart to Him right now, and ask Him to lift you out of the mess you're in? God is waiting to meet with you in the person of Jesus Christ His Son. Only as you meet with God (by receiving Christ into your life), can you fully know and understand exactly where your life is heading. JESUS will pour into you HIS LIFE, and cause you to love God and your neighbour, like you never could before. JESUS gives great love, peace and joy in this life; and gives assurance for that which is to come. Read His Word and see.

Please do this today — tomorrow may be too late! Make sure you know where you are heading. I would rather stand at the judgment with Jesus than without Him. If you are wise, you will too!

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