Free Bible Correspondence Course - Gospel of St. John (KJV)


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Greetings in the name of the Saviour, Jesus Christ. We welcome you to "The Gospel Faith Messenger" Bible Correspondence Course, with the prayer that you shall prove it to be one of much help and blessing in your study of God’s Word. This Course which you are about to answer, is the first of many which will take you right through the Gospel of St. John (plus a few other chapters from the Bible). May the Holy Spirit bless you in unexpected ways as you take time to "Search the Scriptures" and so learn to know Jesus in all reality. Please answer using the King James Version Bible if possible.




1. What was in the beginning? ______________________________________________________________

 2. What was with God? ___________________________________________________________________

 3. What was God? ___________________________________________________________ (Verse_____ )

 4. "In  ________ was ________and __________________ was the __________ of___________________.”

 5. Where did the light shine? _______________________________________________________________

 6. What did the darkness do to the light? __________________________________________ (Verse _____ )

 7. Who was "a man sent from God"? _________________________________________________________

 8. Why was that man sent from God? ________________________________________________________

 9. What happened when Jesus came unto His own? _____________________________________________

10. What is God's promise to those who receive Jesus? __________________________________________


11. Name 3 ways by which God's children are NOT born? (1)______________________________________

      (2) ____________________________________ (3) ___________________________________________

12. How are God's children born? ____________________________________________________________

13. What was made flesh, and dwelt amongst us? _______________________________________________

14. What was His glory like? "As of __________________________________________________________.”

15. What was Jesus full of? ________________________________________________________________

16. What have we all received? _____________________________________________________________

17. What did Moses give? _____________________________________________________ (Verse _____ )

18. What came by Jesus Christ? ____________________________________________________________

19. Who has declared God the Father? _______________________________________________________

20. What was John's answer to the Jews when they said, "What sayest thou of thyself?” ________________



21. Who did the Pharisees think John was? ___________________________________________________

22. When John saw Jesus, what did he say? __________________________________________________

23. Why did John come baptizing in water? ___________________________________________________

    _________________________________________________________________________ (Verse _____ )

24. What did John see descending from heaven? _______________________________________________

25. What does Jesus baptize with? __________________________________________________________

26. What does the word "Rabbi" mean? _______________________________________________________

27. Who brought Simon Peter to Jesus?  ______________________________________________________

28. What does the word "Messias" mean? _____________________________________________________

29. Who did Jesus call "Cephas”?____________________________________________________________ 

30. What did Jesus say to Philip? ____________________________________________________________

31. What city did Philip come from? __________________________________________________________

32. Who else lived in that city? (1) __________________________ (2) ______________________________

33. Who did Philip find, and say to, "We have found Him"? ________________________________________

34. What did Jesus say of Nathanael when He first saw him? ______________________________________


35. What did Nathanael say to Jesus? ________________________________________________________

36. Who did Nathanael say Jesus was? (1)____________________________________________________

      (2) ____________________________________________________________________ (Verse _____ )

37. What did Jesus promise Nathanael? ______________________________________________________

38. What was Nathanael going to see open? ___________________________________________________

39. What was he going to see ascending and descending? ________________________________________

40. Who were they going to descend upon? ___________________________________________________

Do you have any comments? _______________________________________________________________



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